Sunday, September 23, 2012

10 Days 2012 Video Update

Rev. Tom Demaree, a man who has prayer walked the entire nation and founder of "Pentecost Walk" interviews Jonathan Friz on Saturday, Sept 22 2012about the 10 Days Boston.  They discuss how God is doing a "deep work" through the 10 Days and end with an invitation to a Day of Mourning for the division between Roman Catholics and Protestants.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Day of Mourning: Monday, Sept 24

10 Days continues to roll throughout Boston, the North and South Shores, Chico, California, and other places as well. Good reports continue to flow in:

Here's a brief discussion about what's been happening so far...

Video Update

Monday: A Day of Mourning the Protestant/Roman Catholic Divide

During the 10 days in 2011, we felt very strongly impressed to seek to engage with Roman Catholics in 2012. On my own, I would not have taken this initiative--it's such an enormous divide to bridge. Our hope this year was to have one gathering hosted by like-minded Roman Catholics. After pursuing a number of different options for host locations with the able assistance of John Spadaccini, nothing has worked out for us and our Monday night, which we reserved in hope, is standing empty.

For about a month, we've been discussing the possibility of having a "Day of Mourning" regarding the division between Protestants and Catholics. This division in Christ's body is historic, institutional, theological--mix in cultural separation, a few misunderstandings, and suspicion and it's a formidable barrier. As Gregg Detweiler exhorted us at the start of the 10 Days, part of "Discerning Christ's Body" at the Communion table is recognizing and mourning the divisions that exist.

We're going to do just that on Monday. We'd like to invite you into a day of fasting, prayer, and mourning (ie recognizing what we've lost/where we're supposed to be) over the division between Protestants and Catholics.

There will be no official evening gathering on Monday--we're saying by not gathering "we're missing part of our family". We will gather during the day from 2-4pm at St. Clements in Boston. This location is open 24/7 for prayer and is open to the public--we'll gather in a silent vigil. Through our silence, we'll be speaking to this division to "be removed" in Jesus' name. I think that God has a plan to remedy this enormous breach that is so incredible, most of us would not be able to believe it! If you're really looking for a place to gather in the evening, check here for a listing of R.Catholic prayer meetings

Monday Day of Mourning: St. Clements: 1105 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02215 (This is a location for 24/7 prayer)--silent Vigil, 2-4pm. No Evening gathering

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Two Weeks in September

Jonathan Friz and Zenzo Matoga

This September is going to be a powerful time of coming together for the Church in Boston and around New England. Since the beginning of this year, a number of ministries have been partnering and planning for a special two-week time period.

The whole thing gets kicked off with the United Night of Worship Boston on September 15th. Moving outdoor this year to the Boston city-hall plaza, and including evangelism and outreach elements for the first time, this year's gathering promises to be a powerful time for the city-wide church to lift up Jesus together.

But that's just the beginning.... 

The next day, 10 Days begins. This invitation to 10 Days of fasting, worship, and prayer is also an invitation to see the Church in Boston as never before, praying for the city in 10 different locations hosted by many different parts of the Church. Find details here.

In addition, there will be a gathering on the South Shore and one in Chico CA.

We're inviting everyone to set apart these 10 days to humble themselves, pray, seek God's face and turn from sins. But this extended time of waiting on God is not the end.

These 10 Days are leading up to...

America for Jesus is a national Solemn Assembly taking place in Philadelphia PA on September 28-29th. We're inviting you to join believers from all over the nation in coming together to pray on behalf of our nation. Find details here.

Seek the Lord while He may be found: Whether you can come to all or part of these two weeks in September, we hope you'll set this time apart in your own household to seek God with us, drawing near to His heart, and seeking the welfare of our cities, region, and nation.

America For Jesus: National Solemn Assembly

Watch the Video: America for Jesus 2012

Why America for Jesus?

America is in a state of emergency, evidenced by the symptoms of widespread moral depravity and economic meltdown. Education, government, and man's wisdom cannot solve this problem.

Only one remedy can truly "heal the land." 

2 Chronicles 7:14: "If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." God required four things of His people before He would hear them: (1) humility (2) prayer (3) seeking Him (4) repentance.

America for Jesus 2012 - Schedule of Events 

Connect here with Pastors Lou and Gwen Badolato, Massachusetts state coordinators.

National Youth Rally
Friday, Sept. 28, 5 pm
Independence Mall Philadelphia
More Info: Breanna

National Solemn Assembly
Saturday, Sept. 29, 9 am
Independence Mall Philadelphia

Why Philadelphia?

This is where the Declaration of Independence was signed. This is the location where the Constitution of the United States was debated and then ratified after much prayer. Additionally, this spot hosted the writing of the Bill of Rights. All of these concepts were harvested from a seed planted by William Penn, a Quaker, who founded Pennsylvania's government on principles of Freedom and Equality. In 1751, the Pennsylvania General Assembly commissioned a foundry in England to forge a bell in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of William Penn's Constitution for Pennsylvania, the Charter of Privileges. On the bell is inscribed Leviticus 25:10, which says, "Proclaim liberty throughout the land unto the inhabitants thereof."

Internet Hubs for the 10 Days

Interested in being part of 10 Days Boston?

  • Co-hosting an evening gathering
  • Praying during the days
  • Neighborhood outreach
  • Fasting

Find information on gatherings and times. Connect with coordinators at three locations.

Connect here by email.
Evening gathering locations and more.
10 Days Boston: More information including schedule and locations.
10 Days South Shore: Brockton, Taunton and Plymouth
10 Days Chico, CA

The 10 Days Vision

Jonathan Friz and LaTonya Brown

John 17 Unity: It's pretty clear that the 10 Days is all about "Unity". Seeing Jesus get the answer to His prayer, "Let them be one, as we are one", in the city of Boston and around the nation; could it get any better than that? 

Why "Mourning"? Knowing that this is all about unity, people are often surprised to hear that the path towards unity involves something called "mourning". In this video, LaTonya Brown and Jonathan Friz discuss the origins of the 10 Days vision and what it means to make these days "a time to mourn". You may be surprised by what you hear!