Monday, March 19, 2012

The Conversation Continues...

Pastor Miranda, Barbara Lachance, Fr. Christopher Leighton
Roberto Miranda meets with Barbara LaChance and Christopher Leighton, both Church leaders from Connecticut, to discuss "revival", the sustained flow of God's life to His people.

America for Jesus Informational Meeting

Since 2008, I’ve seen God do something in the fall of each year. The group of leaders who started the New England Alliance felt strongly that we should have a regional Solemn Assembly in 2008. This assembly happened in conjunction with 10 Days of fasting and prayer during the fall Biblical feasts. After the 2008 gathering, many in the leadership were surprised by the way that God “showed up” during that season. This same pattern repeated itself in 2009 and again in 2010, with Joel 2-style solemn assemblies happening alongside this 10 Day period of consecration. Then, last year, believers throughout the greater Boston area participated in the 10 Days Boston leading up to the Boston Night of Worship. The New Hampshire Alliance gathered over 80 participating congregations in the first ever New Hampshire Night of Worship during this same time period.

This year, we as New Englanders have been invited to a national Joel 2-style Solemn Assembly in Philadelphia on September 28-29, 2012. Read more about America for Jesus 2012 here.

We’d love you to join us at an upcoming informational gathering:
What: America for Jesus 2012 Informational Gathering
When: Wednesday, April 4, 9-11am
Where: New Hope Chapel, 89 Court St, Plymouth MA
RSVP: Madeleine Prendergast

We’ll be sharing more about the conjunction of this national gathering and other gatherings for worship, fasting, and prayer in the New England region in the weeks to come!

--Jonathan Friz, Coordinator, New England Alliance

“Monumental” Movie Release Next Week

On Tuesday, March 27, over 550 movie theaters around the nation will have a one night only theatrical event: Monumental: In Search of a National Treasure. The two-hour live show begins at 7:30 pm. 

Find theater locations here.
Pre-order tickets here.

Many of you will remember the coming together of the 2010 New England Solemn Assembly with the filming of the movie Monumental. Pastor Victor Khokhlan shares his journey with Monumental and the 2010 Solemn Assembly:

"On September 26th, 2009, I attended a powerful prayer meeting, Pennsylvania Awake: A Day of Prayer, Worship and Declaration to Re-discover Pennsylvania’s Purpose in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

"While praying on our knees, the Holy Spirit spoke to me to return to Massachusetts and mobilize believers in Plymouth, MA where Pilgrims first landed, fleeing from religious persecution, finding refuge and freedom.

"My family fled religious persecution from the former Soviet Union, and we emigrated to America 22 years ago. God impressed on my heart we needed to reclaim His dream, His will and His purpose for us as a people, for Massachusetts, New England and for United States.

"I was advised by friends and leaders to include all New England states because the Lord uniquely worked His purpose with all six states as a whole region.  Thus the 2010 New England Solemn Assembly was birthed."

Kirk Cameron learned about our planning meeting

"In order to mobilize people of Massachusetts to gather in Plymouth, I needed $4,000 to produce a video clip for the Solemn Assembly website, but I didn't have the finances.

"In July 2010, during the planning/prayer meeting for the Solemn Assembly in Plymouth, Kirk Cameron visited us with his filming partners.  He requested that the leaders of the 2010 New England Solemn Assembly participate in the production of Monumental. He also requested that his team become a part of the Solemn Assembly in Plymouth. Thus did God open the door for Solemn Assembly to be a part of Monumental: a half a million dollar production to be shown nationally.   

"Now I can testify of the mighty plans which God has for our nation. I can testify how God used 2010 New England Solemn Assembly to reclaim His dream, His will And His purpose for our nation."

For another Great Awakening in America,
Victor Khokhlan