Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Video Series on Revival in New England

Brandt Gillespie
For the last year, we’ve shared stories about God’s movement around New England.

From Cape Cod, to New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Boston, and even Cambridge, God is bringing believers together for prayer and partnership in unique and spiritually dynamic ways. For the next several weeks, we’re going to be sharing conversations with Christian leaders from around the region hosted by Dr. Roberto Miranda.  Producer Brandt Gillespie introduces this new video series.

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Dana Baker, Director of Multicultural Ministries, Grace Chapel,
Lexington MA; Roberto Miranda, Senior Pastor,
Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA;
and Dick Germaine, Barnabas Ministries, Hopkinton MA

What is the Spirit of the Lord saying to us?

Many speak of a stirring in their hearts to come along side one another, cooperate effectively, hear and understand what God is doing as clearly as possible. Some believe He is bringing sustained revival to our region and in our time. So in obedience to that still small voice, we take counsel in one another and seek Him in wisdom and truth.

Our prayer is simply: "Lord, let the conversation begin."

Dr. Roberto Miranda has hosted several high value conversations with some of the most thoughtful Christian leaders from the New England area to tackle some of the more difficult challenges standing in the way of forming partnerships to harness our diverse styles and unique personal callings.

By starting the first video, you will begin a significant conversational journey with fellow believers. It leads you to the first conversation entitled “Partnering” with Dr. Miranda, Dick Germaine of Barnabas Ministries, and Dana Baker, Director of Multicultural Ministries at Grace Chapel. However, this is only the gateway to other equally important interactions that we believe you will find valuable.

I am asking for your helpful feedback. There is a place provided for you to write your comments. Our production team will honestly read each one with interest and forward them to Dr. Miranda as well.

Thanks for your interest, comments and suggestions. If you know of other guests who you believe may be able to add something unique to these conversations please let me know.


Brandt Gillespie, President PrayTV

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