Thursday, September 22, 2016

RESTORE: Encouraging Vision

It’s exciting to see what God is doing in New England.

Please Read the Vision Related Below!! 

Since I move in prayer circles, I get to hear a lot of dreams and visions.  I rarely share them via this group but I received one a few weeks ago that directly touches on what we're doing this fall with Restore and applies to us as a region.  I receive it from Mike Thorton, leader of the North Carolina team that's bringing a tent and 70 people to pray for 5 Days.  Take a minute to read it (below and attached)—I think you’ll be encouraged that God is really serious about this idea of Restoration not only at this historic campus, but for us as a region!

Northfield: A Quick Update and Request for Prayer
-----We now have over 100 people coming for the 5 Days in the tent at Northfield.  God has been moving on people’s hearts and they’re coming out.  We anticipate this number growing over the next month. We’re rejoicing that so many are coming. We need prayer for housing and accommodation for so many people during a busy holiday weekend.
-----The Alliance Convening team is meeting tomorrow to discuss the RESTORE gathering.  Please pray for us to have wisdom as we plan this “New England Family Reunion”.
-----Participating Ministry: We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to sign-on as a participating ministry for Restore.  We’ll circulate a letter, written by Dr. Miranda, with all of our signatures in the weeks leading up to October 12.

Here’s the Vision from North Carolina!

Vision Background: Michael Thorton, who is leading the team from North Carolina that is bringing the tent shared this remarkable "open vision" from a woman in her early 20's named Laura Johnson, someone who is an intern at their church.  She had been away on a missions trip to Trinidad and shared this vision with Mike on returning. 

She knew that the Jesus Tent was going to Massachusetts from a posting online, but didn't know anything about the location, DL Moody, Northfield, etc.  I double checked and their posting didn’t mention Moody.  Here's what she saw: I've lightly edited for grammar.  Pay special attention to the fourth and final paragraph:

God showed me a vision of The Jesus Tent in Massachusetts on 8/24/16. The vision goes as follows:

The tent was set up on the field and it was the first night of the five days it would be set up. The worship team had already begun worship and the tent was full of people. The Lord led me outside of the tent and I was now standing in the field looking back at the tent. In the spirit I saw a Dam that Satan had built to halt the move of God and His plans for the region. 

On the Dam, demons had graffittied their assignments, which were:  witchcraft, social injustice, racism, riot, hate, etc... I then asked God, "How do we break this Dam?" God then replied back to me, "2 Chronicles 7:14." I now go back to the tent and Pastor Mike Thorton hands me the mic to lead prayer.  The prayer begins and all that are under the tent are warring and breaking generational curses and strongholds. The Holy Spirit was moving, people were getting saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit. We all lifted up our voices in Unity and cried out for healing in the region.

I then again was led outside of the tent. I saw in the spirit the Dam break and when that happened it sent Satan into a tantrum. He fell down and whaled in agony, flopping his hands and kicking his feet. This sent his demons into confusion and they started beating each other up. I now go back to the tent and everyone is worshiping. Each person had a stream of water flowing from their belly. Each individual stream met up in the air and formed a river. This river flowed up to heaven, to the throne room, and rested at the feet of Jesus! Then, a multitude of Angels descended from Heaven and they were flying over the tent and were running their hands through the river. They were singing praises unto God, "Holy, Holy, Holy!" They were rejoicing! 
The vision now changes. The Lord showed me a man (during the 1800's period), sitting at a desk. A piece of paper was on the desk and he was writing with ink and a quill pin. He began writing a vision, a story that God had given him for this region. Each line on the paper represented a generation. After a few lines were written, this man stopped writing. The pen was put down and the ink dried up. Then I saw a young hand. This young hand picked up the quill pen, dipped it into the ink - which was revived, and began writing the vision again. "" End of vision. 

When the vision was over, I wanted to know who the man was in the vision that started writing the story. I then did a google Image search and found it to be D. L. Moody! 

As Michael told me, Laura was completely amazed when he told her that the Tent would be set-up on the campus founded by DL Moody.  She had no idea, but that was a powerful confirmation of her vision. 

I'm encouraged by this that God indeed wants to revive and restore not only the campus, but also the regional legacy of DL Moody.

- Jonathan Friz

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