Thursday, September 22, 2016

RESTORE Gathering and The Case for A Bus!

We're in a season of real excitement and acceleration on many of our collective endeavors.  Let's walk, and even run in the grace God is pouring out right now!  Today, we had the NE Alliance convening team working out plans for the Restore Convocation on October 12.  I wanted to highlight a couple of key next steps as we prepare for this "New England Church family reunion" on October 12

Key Strategies: Share "Restore" and The Case for A Bus!

Please continue to share and invite those in your circle of influence to join your city's 10 Day gathering and especially to join in RESTORE on October 12!

A number of enterprising leaders around the region have decided to bring a bus to Northfield on October 12.  To my knowledge at this point, there's at least 3 buses coming.  I think it'd be great to have 20 more come!  Here's why a bus is a good idea: 

1) The bus allows you to multiply the effectiveness of the day, building community and entering into prayer and worship on the journey!
2) It will help with our limited parking at Northfield
3) The bus provides a tangible goal for mobilization and communicates to others "this is really happening!"
4) Buses are fun...anyone remember field trips?  Enough said!

If you decide to bring a bus, let me know!  We may have some kind of a fun and informal contest on who can bring the most buses...

Vision Gatherings:  One of the best ways to share vision is to meet in person.  This allows hearts to connect like nothing else. Here's a couple that are happening next week.  Consider coming to the gathering that's nearest to you next week in Connecticut or Massachusetts.

In CT: Impact CT 10 Days Summit (part 2)

Date/time: Wednesday, September 21st11am – 2pm (lunch provided)
Location: Wellspring Church, 222 Lincoln Street, Berlin, CT
RSVP: Pam Zinn at or 860-225-0661 x117

In Massachusetts: 10 Days/Restore Vision Night 
Date/Time: Friday, September 23, 7pm-9pm
Location: Lion of Judah (20 Reed St. Boston MA--4th floor of new Sanctuary)
RSVP: Jonathan Friz

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