Friday, September 30, 2016

We’re just two weeks from the Restore New England Convocation on October 12.  This Friday, Roberto Miranda, pastor of Lion of Judah and lead convener of the NE Alliance, shared the following about his sense of excitement for Restore:

We’ve had many gatherings of unity throughout the New England region over the years, but of all those gatherings, none has filled me with a sense of anticipation and potential as this one has.

Because of Roberto’s history in this movement, through all the ups and downs, this struck me.  I’ve heard that idea echoed by many others around the region, and I think I could add my own “amen” to that as well.  Take a minute to watch Roberto's invitation for yourself!
Restore: October 12 at the Moody Campus (1 Moody St. Northfield MA)

Restore is something of a New England church family reunion.  We’ll begin with a picnic lunch at the Northfield campus at 11, with historic tours, worship, and workshops beginning at 11:30.  Don’t miss the main event starting at 3pm with representatives from the six-state region!  Plan ahead to take the day off work and enjoy the drive in the midst of beautiful fall foliage!
October 12 Schedule: (1 Moody St. Northfield, MA)
11-3pm: Workshops, Revival history tours, Picnic Lunch, Worship (some food will be provided, but bring something as well)
3pm-6:30Restore Convocation in the 2,500 person Moody Auditorium! (No registration, no cost)

10 Days Starts Sunday, October 12

Together, we are mobilizing prayer throughout New England.  

There are 15 regions of New England participating in 10 Days this fall, part of more than 30 cities participating in the nation and globally.  This includes:

3 in Maine
3 in Connecticut (including a state-wide effort)
4 in New Hampshire and
5 in Massachusetts

Please see for a complete listing of cities/regions.  More importantly, please join us in fasting and prayer starting this Sunday evening, October 2.  As someone said to me recently, “We have an appointment with God, and God is going to honor the appointment!”

Share and Invite others to Restore

The New England Alliance is a network composed of state and city-wide unity networks.  As a network, we have little central infrastructure; our strength is in like-minded lovers of Jesus like you!  Together, we can mobilize New England and Restore God’s inheritance in this region.


Jonathan Friz, Coordinator, NE Alliance

RESTORE Resources:

Vids: Here is a series of five videos that have been produced...share whichever ones are most helpful!

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